LuxActive KG

oHA is a tourism e-service and information system which is particularly efficient in a WiFi where every guest gets the service automatically on its own mobile device as progressive web application (PWA). oHA can be connected with our optional hardware, the oHA Box and is accessible in the WWW.
oHA bundles many different services (reservation of activities and products, weather point forecast, GPS navigation, pushup notification, PDF news, time planing, recommendations, smart home ...) and activities (like events, tours, POIs, food ...) from many different sources as big data service, combined with a semantic search functionality as individual guest service and new marketing channel (full customizable). Once loaded on a guests device, oHA works offline as well. The provider gets statistics about the customer journey, also when guests were offline. With these statistics providers can improve their guest service to get more steady customers and to find their niche.

LuxActive KG

Marian Lux
Head IT-Solutions & Consulting

Maria Jacobi Gasse 1
1030 Vienna


Founded at: January 2016


Hotel Services

  • Organisation / Accounting / Back office
  • Revenue Management
  • Direct booking
  • Website
  • Guest communication
  • Marketing
  • Sustainability
  • Payment transactions
  • Fire protection
  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Robot Solutions

Restaurant Services

  • Organisation / Accounting / Back office
  • Online reservations
  • Website
  • Marketing
  • Payment transactions

Available in

  • Austria
  • Germany
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